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Do you have a chipped tooth? Visit our clinic in Balcatta and let us have a look. We can help save your tooth and restore your smile.
don't let that small chip turn into a big problem. get your chipped tooth checked today 1
don't let that small chip turn into a big problem. get your chipped tooth checked today 2

Get your chipped tooth checked before it becomes a bigger problem

A chipped tooth is a dental injury that can be easily repaired with prompt treatment.

Teeth that have chips or cracks in them are not only unsightly, but if they are not addressed right away they can lead to pain and further damage. Treatments for these types of severe dental problems can also be complicated and expensive.

Comfort Care Dental offers prompt and reliable treatment for chipped teeth. We offer various treatment options to repair the damage and restore your smile. Fillings and crowns are two of the most common treatments for repairing chipped teeth. Fillings are used to fill in the gaps left by the chip, while crowns are placed over the entire tooth to protect it from further damage. In some cases, veneers may also be used to restore damaged teeth. Whenever you have a chipped tooth, make an appointment with Comfort Care Dental and let us help you get your smile back!

Reasons why you need treatment for a chipped tooth

Patients generally ignore a chipped tooth, especially if the chipped portion is small and the tooth is not painful. However, a chipped tooth is still a broken tooth, and it may result in conditions that may require a more complicated treatment. The following are some reasons why you should have that chipped tooth examined.
restore chipped tooth

You could get cuts on your mouth.

If a tooth is chipped, the edges can cut the lips, cheeks, and tongue, leading to painful wounds or sores that make it harder to eat, drink or talk.

It can lead to a more extensive fracture.

A chipped tooth is weaker and more prone to breakage. It is important to know what caused the tooth to break to prevent it from occurring again.

It can cause pain.

When a portion of the tooth gets broken off, the inner part of the tooth becomes exposed and is more susceptible to bacterial infection. This can lead to severe pain and tooth decay.

Not feeling pain can be a sign of a more severe complication

A tooth's nerve allows us to feel pain when something is wrong with the tooth. In some cases, trauma is so severe that the nerve becomes nonresponsive and dies. While most patients would think that not feeling pain is okay, that's not true because, even if the nerve dies, the disease will progress inside the tooth, and eventually, the patient will only notice it once it has already worsened.

Why Choose Comfort Care Dental

When it comes to chipped teeth, you need a dental care provider to treat you with the utmost care and professionalism. At Comfort Care Dental, we have years of experience working with patients to address chipped teeth and other related issues.

Modern Technology

At Comfort Care Dental, we believe that every patient deserves the best dental care. We offer modern technology and techniques to ensure that the treatment for your chipped tooth is as effective and painless as possible.

Experienced Dental Team

Whether you are dealing with a minor chip or a more significant fracture, our experienced dentists and team members will work with you to create the right treatment plan for your unique situation.

Relaxed Environment

Chipped teeth can stress you out and disrupt your day. Let Comfort Care Dental be of help. We provide emergency dental treatment in a relaxed environment so you wouldn't have to worry anymore.

Flexible Payment Plan

Comfort Care Dental offers affordable dental care for people with chipped teeth. Our practice is a preferred provider of major health funds, and we offer flexible payment options for patients without health insurance.

We Accept
All Payments and Healthfunds

Comfort Care Dental is a trusted dental practice in Balcatta. We offer flexible payment options and accept all major health funds.

We understand that dental services can be costly. Hence, we provide financing alternatives to make oral care more accessible for everyone. We partnered with the most popular buy-now-pay-later options like Humm and Afterpay to make quality dental care more affordable to all individuals.

We are also a preferred provider for Medibank, HBF, HCF, CBHS, and NIB.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

A chipped tooth usually occurs due to trauma from falling, contact sports, tooth grinding, or biting on hard food. It can also be caused by the weakening of the teeth due to tooth decay.
If you are not able to see your dentist right away for some reason, you can manage your chipped tooth by taking over-the-counter pain relievers to ease pain, avoiding hot and cold drinks that can cause tooth pain, and covering the sharp edges with sugarless gum to prevent cuts in the mouth. Aside from this, it is also helpful to brush and floss the area to reduce the risk of infecting the exposed area of the tooth.

Identifying the cause of the chipped tooth is the first step in treating it. This is done to prevent recurrence and further tooth fracture. Once the cause of chipping is addressed, your dentist will assess the extent of the fracture. Depending on the extent of the damage, your dentist will decide if smoothening the sharp edges will suffice or if your tooth needs to be restored with a bonding restoration. 

In some cases, your dentist can also suggest placing a veneer to restore the tooth’s natural shape or a dental crown to reinforce the tooth. In severe cases, root canal treatment may also be needed to address the damage or infection that may have reached the deeper parts of the tooth.

In many cases, a chipped tooth can be repaired by smoothening the sharp edges or a simple filling. However, if a chipped tooth is ignored and not addressed right away, the damage can worsen and lead to pain and further breakage of the tooth. In cases like this, a chipped tooth that could have been repaired with a simple procedure now requires a complicated treatment process that is also more invasive and more expensive.

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