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Are you looking for a dental clinic near where you live for your gum problems? We take care of your gums before they get worse and prevent further complications in the future.
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get relief from your gum problems today with our gum disease treatment 2

Get Relief From Your Gum Problems Today With Our Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is a serious issue that can cause tooth loss and other health problems if it’s not treated. They can also cause some bleeding, swelling, and redness of the gums.

Gum disease can lead to tooth loss, bone loss, and even problems with your overall health if it is not addressed by a dentist.

There are several types of procedures to prevent and manage gum disease. Your dentist may determine which type is suitable for you depending on the severity, your overall health, and how your body responded to previous procedures. Treatments range from nonsurgical to surgical to help the gums heal and restore the tissues.

Comfort Care Dental offers a variety of treatments for gum disease, from nonsurgical therapies to surgical procedures. We will work with you to find the best treatment plan for your individual needs.

Common Reasons Why You Might Need Gum Disease Treatment

If you suspect that you have gum problems that necessitate treatment, getting familiar with common relevant dental problems is important. The following may indicate that you need gum disease treatment:
common reasons why you might need gum disease treatment

Gums that are red and swollen

These are some of the most common signs that your gums suffer from irritation or potential infection. Typically, the redness and swelling may subside within a few days. But if they stay longer, it's best to contact your dentist right away.

Gums Shrinking

If you notice that your teeth seem longer than usual, it may indicate that your gums are shrinking and getting smaller. This problem may cause teeth luxation or loosening and gradually require extraction. Gum disease treatment may help to prevent this complication.

Sensitive Teeth

If drinking a cold drink makes you wince, your teeth may become sensitive to temperature. This symptom may go along with receding gums, exposing the sensitive part of the tooth, which is the dentin.

Loosening of Shifting Teeth

Gum disease may affect the bones that keep your teeth in place, causing them to move or loose. Fortunately, treatments can address this dental problem and preserve your teeth and gums.

Why Choose Comfort Care Dental for Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease can lead to tooth loss and other major health issues if left untreated. It’s essential that you get inspected by a dentist as soon as possible, so we can catch this condition before it progresses any further.

Modern Technology

We take priority in creating a treatment plan for every patient. Today, we employ the most up-to-date technology in every procedure and assessment. This helps our dental team precisely perform the treatments with modern equipment and improves our gum disease treatment.

Experienced Dental Team

Our dental professionals take pride in having years of experience with gum disease treatment. Applying their knowledge and training in practise for a long time enhances their skills and makes them qualified to diagnose gum disease.

Relaxed Environment

Comfort Care Dental assures you will get a positive and smooth dental experience with us. You can feel welcome when you come into our office. Our team always makes sure that we serve every patient with quality service and make them feel welcome.

Flexible Payment Plan

We are excited to offer flexible and affordable payment options, so you can receive your gum disease treatment conveniently and worry less about paying for costly procedures. We also provide health funds!

We Accept
All Payments and Healthfunds

Comfort Care Dental is a trusted dental practice in Balcatta. We offer flexible payment options and accept all major health funds.

We understand that dental services can be costly. Hence, we provide financing alternatives to make oral care more accessible for everyone. We partnered with the most popular buy-now-pay-later options like Humm and Afterpay to make quality dental care more affordable to all individuals.

We are also a preferred provider for HBF, Medibank, HCF, NIB, and CBHS.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

In some cases, gum disease may show minimal or few obvious signs. Despite this, the condition does not entirely progress without warning signs. You may notice some common signs that you should pay attention to. These may include the following:

  • Unpleasant taste or persistent bad breath.
  • Redness of the gums
  • Swollen gums
  • You feel pain when you eat or chew.
  • Loose teeth
  • Gum recession or when they are pulled away from your teeth.
  • Any change in the way your dentures fit.
  • Teeth sensitivity
The risk of catching gum disease through kissing is low, but it’s not impossible. There’s still a possible chance that you may get the bacteria if your partner has gingivitis or even poor dental hygiene. They can be spread through saliva.

Plaque Buildup

The common reason for gum disease development is plaque buildup between your teeth and gums. This sticky film contains harmful bacteria which can produce acids from the food and drinks you consume. Over time, they can irritate your gums and result in gingivitis, which will eventually progress to periodontal disease without prompt treatment.

Poor Oral Hygiene Habits

Not brushing your teeth enough or not flossing daily can leave food debris in your mouth and make them prone to dental problems and make gum disease develop easily. Make sure to brush your teeth twice daily to eliminate bacteria on your teeth.

Hormonal Changes

The changes in your body during pregnancy, puberty, or menopause can make you more susceptible to gum disease. They make the gums more sensitive during these phases.

Gum disease can also be caused by things like, but not limited to, the following:

  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Heredity or family history of the disease.
  • Crooked teeth
  • Certain medications make your mouth dry.
  • Dental bridges that are no longer fit properly.
  • Damaged tooth fillings

The purpose of gum disease treatment is to control the infection. Your dentist will assess your gums to determine which treatment can reduce gingivitis.

  • Scale and Clean
    Deep cleaning is the first line of addressing gum disease. The process involves removing the plaque between your teeth and gums using special dental tools. Unlike regular professional cleaning, deep cleaning reaches under the gum line. Your dentist may remove tartar and smooth out the roots of your teeth with scaling or root planing, which helps to reattach gum tissue.

  • Medication
    Your dentist may prescribe a particular medication as part of your gum disease treatment.

  • Dental Restoration
    To keep gingivitis from getting worse, your dentist may suggest restorative treatments to address misaligned teeth or dental restorations that don’t fit well.

  • Continue gum disease treatment
    Gingivitis can be prevented following a thorough and deep cleaning if you practise good oral hygiene at home. Your dentist can help you improve your routine at home and advise you to schedule regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings.

Generally, dental practitioners advise people to visit their dentist every six months for checkups and cleanings. Through these procedures, they can detect and prevent dental problems early. Yet, this may only be ideal for individuals with healthy gums.

If you have gum disease, you’re more likely to need to see your dentist more often than twice a year. How frequent it is may depend on your case. Talk to your dentist to find out when you should make an appointment aboutyour gum disease.

The signs of gingivitis are relatively easy to overlook, but they can have serious consequences if left untreated. It is a mild form that can progress into more advanced gum disease, referred to as periodontitis. The infection may destroy your gums and bones that support your teeth. When this happens, your teeth will eventually start to loosen and fall out.

When gum disease progresses, the gums begin to recede or separate from the teeth and form periodontal pockets. This can lead not just to changes in your bite but also to pain while chewing food.

Cost of Gum Disease Treatment

The cost of treatment varies depending on the severity of your gum disease. According to the National Dental Fee Survey, the fee for scale and root planing may cost up to $980 to $1,000. This is only a rough estimation; for the actual cost, you may call Comfort Care Dental to get an idea of how much you need to be ready for your gum disease procedure.

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