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Teeth are an important asset of the overall appearance—if they aren’t looking great, the smile can be affected. Cosmetic dentistry may give you the smile of your dreams, whether you want to whiten your teeth or straighten them.
enjoy the benefits of a straighter whiter smile with our cosmetic dentistry 1
enjoy the benefits of a straighter whiter smile with our cosmetic dentistry 2

Be Comfortable with Your Smile With our Cosmetic Dentistry

Feeling self-conscious about your smile is normal if you don’t like how it looks. Many people feel this way, and it can affect one’s confidence.

Over time, cosmetic problems like the slightest misalignment can cause teeth to wear down and become more susceptible to cavities and other oral health problems. Cosmetic dentistry uses dental procedures that enhance the aesthetics of the teeth. They focus on improving gapped teeth, misshapen teeth, stained teeth, slightly overlapping teeth, gummy smiles, and other issues that make the appearance of the smile less than attractive.

Whether you want to brighten your teeth, alter their shape, or align them better. Comfort Care Dental is here to provide a high-quality range of services in cosmetic dentistry. We offer teeth whitening, dental veneers, smile makeovers, and cosmetic injectables. We use cutting-edge technology, and the experienced dentist in our clinic will work closely with you to create a unique treatment plan suitable to achieve a natural-looking, beautiful smile. If you’re near Hamersley and looking for efficient treatments, look no further—book your appointment with us.

Our Services Under Cosmetic Dentistry

Comfort Care Dental is dedicated to meeting our patients’ goal of achieving a natural-looking smile they can be proud of with the use of advanced cosmetic dentistry services.
our services under cosmetic dentistry comfort care

Teeth Whitening

We offer professional teeth whitening to help remove tough stains and achieve brighter, whiter teeth. Our safe and gentle active ingredients break down the discolouration on the teeth, resulting in a brighter smile and even whiteness results. Learn More


Dental veneers are wafer-thin shells designed to bond on each tooth surface. They are a popular cosmetic treatment because of their dramatic yet natural-looking results— changing the shape, colour, and size of the teeth. Our team uses the latest dental technology to customise each veneer and ensure they are a comfortable fit in the mouth. Learn More

Smile Makeovers

A smile makeover is a technique that combines two or more cosmetic dental treatments to achieve the desired results. It is a unique and efficient way to address various aesthetic problems in one treatment plan. We can design a personalised course of action to achieve the patient's smile goals. Learn More

Cosmetic Injectables

Here at our clinic, we use the latest and advanced techniques to perform cosmetic injectables. The treatment focuses on reducing wrinkles and unwanted lines to dramatically enhance the overall look, achieving a youthful smile. Learn More

Why Choose Comfort Care Dental

Comfort Care Dental always finds ways to deliver excellent oral care and cosmetic dentistry services near Hamersley. We aim to make our patients feel more beautiful and confident in their precious smiles.

Modern Technology

Our dental office is built with advanced dental technology, so we utilise modern equipment for our cosmetic dentistry services. This way, we can provide more reliable treatments and minimise potential adverse effects. Utilising the latest information may allow us to perform each treatment in relatively lesser time.

An Experienced Dental Team

The team of dental professionals in our clinic have experience in carrying out each cosmetic dental treatment we offer. We have handled different cases and various cosmetic problems, which enables us to be more skilful.

Relaxed Environment

One of our priorities is to give everyone a warm and comfortable environment. Our friendly staff will greet you once you arrive and accommodate your needs to make you feel welcome. We know this is one of the essentials when choosing a clinic you can trust for your dental needs, so we make efforts to establish one.

Flexible Payment Plan

Have a less-worry dental experience with our wide range of payment options. We understand that cosmetic dentistry can be quite costly. Hence, our friendly team will work to find a payment plan that may work for your budget. Such an option may spread out the cost of the treatment, making it a convenient way to receive it without worrying about one-time high expenses.

We Accept
All Payments and Health funds

Comfort Care Dental is a dental clinic near Hamersley that offers quality dental care and convenient payment options, including major health funds.

We believe that providing dental treatments should never be a second choice because of financial issues. Hence, we have partnered with reputable financing companies like Humm and Afterpay. We are also a proud provider of health funds, including Medibank, HBF, HCF, CBHS, and NIB, making our wide variety of services within your reach.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Many people are choosing cosmetic dentistry for its various benefits for oral health and aesthetic reasons:

  • You can look younger.
    Every procedure has the purpose of improving the cosmetic perspective of the teeth. Brightening the shade colour and straightening the alignment of the teeth can give you a more presentable and youthful look.

  • Cover tooth imperfections.
    It can feel good when your long-time crooked teeth, spacing issues, misshapen teeth, and other cosmetic problems have been improved. You can enjoy the benefits of having the virtually perfect, healthy smile you’ve been dreaming of having.

  • Promote oral health.
    Cosmetic dental treatments aren’t all about aesthetics but are also beneficial to the health of your teeth and gums. When your teeth are not overlapping, or other tooth imperfections are improved, brushing your teeth can be easier and reduce the risk of plaque buildup and decay.

  • Bring back the balance of a smile.
    It cannot be easy to deal with teeth misalignment. It can cause excessive pressure or strain in your jaw area. But dental veneers may help to make your teeth better aligned.

We highly recommend consulting your dentist if you’re considering aesthetic dentistry services. So they can evaluate your teeth and gum health and determine whether you can undergo the procedure. Generally, a good candidate possesses the following:

  • Have a healthy tooth enamel.
    Cosmetic treatments such as veneers require removing a portion of the tooth surface or dental enamel. At the same time, professional teeth whitening uses an active ingredient that may not work well if you have thin enamel. So, it’s important that you have healthy teeth to withstand these procedures.

  • Do not have existing oral health issues.
    Any dental problems may interfere with the success of cosmetic treatments. A good candidate must not have tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

Your initial appointment with your dentist usually entails a discussion of your desired outcome, an oral assessment, and treatment options.

  • Discussion of a smile goal.
    Your dentist should know what you want to achieve and your reason for your cosmetic dental treatment. In this way, they can get an idea of what procedure is ideal for achieving their personal goals.

  • An oral assessment.
    Usually, it follows an in-depth evaluation of your teeth and gums. Your dentist needs to have a clear picture of your oral structure so that a dental x-ray may be necessary. They may also ask about your medical history to prevent adverse effects or interfere with the treatment.

  • Recommendations and treatment plan.
    Then, the dentist can move forward to recommending potential cosmetic dental services for your case and create a personalised treatment plan.<
Your dentist will check the severity of your gum disease and develop a treatment plan to address the problem. In general, scaling and root planing can be used to deep clean your teeth and gums and prevent the inflammation from progressing. Then, they may prepare your mouth for future cosmetic dental treatment. Once your gum disease has been addressed and there are no remaining signs, you may be a candidate for cosmetic dental procedures. This may vary and depends on how much serious the condition is.

Cosmetic dentistry is generally considered safe when performed by a qualified dental professional. Yet, similar to other dental treatments, there are risks associated with undergoing one. However, your trusted dentist will take the necessary precautions to avoid them.

The general risks and adverse effects may include the following:

  • Redness of the gums.
    It may be the reaction of the gum tissue when adjusting to a foreign object like veneers. It should subside, but if it persists, you should call a dentist right away.

  • Tooth sensitivity.
    It is a common side effect of teeth whitening due to exposure to bleaching agents. It is a temporary reaction and should also subside after a few days.

  • Gum bleeding.
    One potential risk is bleeding gums, which may occur if the veneers aren’t properly attached or have bulky margins.

  • Nerve damage.
    It is very rare but a potential risk due to prolonged exposure to anaesthesia. We recommend contacting your dentist if you feel any signs of nerve damage, such as a lack of sensation in the affected area, partial sensitivity, and tingling.
General dentists are now offering basic cosmetic dental treatments like professional teeth whitening. They can have the training and qualifications needed to perform certain procedures. You can ask your dentist so they can recommend and design a treatment plan for you.
Cosmetic dentistry usually comes with a high cost and a few factors can influence it. Generally speaking, the reason is that such treatments usually require meticulous work and focus on aesthetics. The price also varies based on the complexity of the treatment you need.
Most health insurance policies rarely offer dental cover for cosmetic procedures because of their aesthetic nature. They usually only include basic dental procedures or, when considered a necessity for improving one’s oral health. Although some private health insurance does offer dental insurance for some cosmetic dentistry services, which may fall under “dental extras”. However, it may vary depending on the insurance policy you have. We highly suggest contacting your preferred provider to check your current plan.

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