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Why go through the trouble of having missing teeth when you can have a complete and beautiful smile? We offer dentures as one option for people looking for teeth replacements!
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Restore Your Complete Smile With Our Natural Looking Dentures

You may be missing some teeth for a wide range of reasons. Maybe you had gum disease and lost all your natural teeth, or they were knocked out in an accident.

It can be hard to smile or laugh when you know your teeth are missing. You may feel self-conscious about how you look and avoid social situations. Moreover, losing teeth can affect your eating habits as you can’t chew and bite properly, especially if you have several missing teeth.

Dentures are artificial teeth replacements often used to replace either one or several teeth. Depending on the type, dentures may be attached to a pink or gum-coloured base then the surrounding soft tissues in your mouth help to keep them in place.

Restoring your lost teeth can make eating easier, makes your speech better, and avoid jawbone deterioration. Major types of dentures are complete and partial. Your dentist can help you make an informed decision in choosing which is best for your needs and budget.

Dental Problems You Might Need Dentures For

Aside from teeth that have fallen out, other dental problems may indicate you need dentures. Some may need teeth replacements after extracting their teeth or choose artificial teeth to prevent compromising their dental health.
dental problems you might need dentures for

You Have One or More Missing Teeth

The dentist says you should get a prosthesis so that your other teeth won't be put at risk. If you have several missing teeth, the remaining teeth may shift into the wrong position, and the bone underneath your gum line that was used to support your teeth may damage. Getting dentures is one way to prevent speaking and eating difficulties.

Gum Disease

Gum disease can also lead to tooth loss if left untreated or persistent. This condition occurs when plaque and tartar build-up along your teeth's edges, causing them to pull away from their gums over time. Replacing tooth loss with dentures can be a good option.

Tooth Decay

Decayed tooth is a prevalent dental problem that affects many people. It can result from damage to the enamel because of poor oral hygiene. In some cases, dentures may be required as a long-term technique to replace damaged teeth.

Eating Difficulty

Dentures can be an option if you have trouble eating certain foods because of a missing tooth or damaged teeth. Being unable to chew and bite properly can affect both your oral and overall health. It's best to find a way to restore your teeth and their function.

Why Choose
Comfort Care Dental for Dentures

Comfort Care Dental offers a wide variety of restorative services so you can enjoy a full set of teeth again. We want you to receive dentures that can match your natural adjacent teeth and fit comfortably, our dental team make efforts in creating dentures for every patient.

Modern Technology

We use modern equipment in our dental clinic, this allow us to perform oral assessment such as checking the teeth, gums, and other soft tissues in your mouth for dentures. We aim to give you comfortable and precise fit of dentures and applying advanced technology can be beneficial.

Experienced Dental Team

With our experienced team of dentists and technicians, we will work with you to create a custom denture that fits your mouth perfectly and looks natural. You’ll be able to smile with confidence again in no time.

Relaxed Environment

We all want the best for our patients and that includes giving them a comfortable experience. Our team of dentists understands this, which is why establish a relaxing and warm ambiance inside the clinic.

Flexible Payment Plan

Comfort Care Dental is proud to be a preferred provider of many health insurance. Along with this, we also provide finance options making your dental experience convenient and affordable. In this way, you can have right dental care on time.

We Accept
All Payments and Healthfunds

Comfort Care Dental is a trusted dental practice in Balcatta. We offer flexible payment options and accept all major health funds.

We understand that dental services can be costly. Hence, we provide financing alternatives to make oral care more accessible for everyone. We partnered with the most popular buy-now-pay-later options like Humm and Afterpay to make quality dental care more affordable to all individuals.

We are also a preferred provider for Medibank, HBF, HCF, CBHS, and NIB.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • Full Dentures
    These are also called “complete dentures” because they consist of upper and lower sets of artificial teeth. They are removable dental appliances that are typically used to replace several missing teeth. The false teeth are made of acrylic or porcelain and are attached to a metal or acrylic base.

  • Partial Denture
    They are designed to fill the gap between some missing and remaining teeth. Your dentist can create either upper or lower sets of partial dentures. Partial dentures are also removable.

  • Fixed Partial Dentures
    If you’re looking to replace some of your missing teeth and want a permanent type of false teeth, fixed partial dentures can be great. Unlike partial dentures, this dental appliance stays in the space where a tooth used to be.

  • Implant-Retained Dentures
    Dental implants are surgically attached underneath your gum line and act as your tooth roots’ replacements. Then, after a few months, your dentist will attach a crown or false tooth over the implants. Implant-retained dentures can be removable.

  • Implant-Supported Dentures
    Implant-supported dentures are similar to implant-retained ones, yet they are permanent types.

  • Temporary Dentures
    If you undergo tooth extraction and want a quick replacement, you may want to consider temporary or immediate dentures.

It’s common to experience minor discomfort once you receive your dentures, as your oral tissues are starting to adjust to the false teeth. Some patients report feeling awkward during the first few weeks of wearing their dentures.

The adjustment period may vary; some people can be more sensitive than others, while some can quickly become accustomed.

Once your mouth becomes familiar with your dentures, you can feel comfortable wearing them. You can enjoy eating foods you used to avoid because of your missing teeth and smile confidently with the new set of teeth.

However, if you still feel the restlessness of your oral tissues, pain, or discomfort, it may be a sign of poorly fitting dentures. It’s best to contact your dentist right away.

Several factors can cause your dentures to become loose, including shrinking the gum ridges and bones as the patient ages. Loose dentures can cause sore spots, pain, and discomfort. If you think your dentures are getting loose, you need to make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible so that the right steps can be taken.

Common complications with ill-fitting dentures are the following:

  • Swollen Gums.
    Your dentures will rub against your gum tissue, which can cause irritation and swelling.

  • Uncomfortable speaking.
    It’s hard to speak clearly and confidently if your dentures move around in your mouth. Sometimes, wiggly dentures may fall out of your mouth.

  • Soreness.
    You may experience discomfort due to extra friction or pressure. As a result, your oral tissues or the contours of your mouth may feel sore and have redness.

  • There is potential damage to natural teeth.
    It can compromise your oral health if you’re wearing loose partial dentures. They can scratch your natural teeth, resulting in thinner tooth enamel, chips, and cracks.

Taking care of your dentures is necessary to maximise their benefits and prolong their lifespan.

If you don’t take the time to clean your dentures, food debris may get stuck on them, and there’s a risk of plaque buildup. Such problems can cause bad breath and gum disease, which pose a threat to your dental health. Here are some tips on how you can clean and maintain your dentures:

  • Remove your dentures and rinse them with water after you eat. You can do this in the sink by running over the water to remove food debris. You may want to place a basin with a towel in the sink so that when your dentures drop, they won’t break.

  • Handle your dentures gently. Bending the material may cause it to change shape and fit.

  • Make sure to clean your mouth before putting your dentures back in. Brush your natural teeth, soft tissues, and tongue. It’s recommended to use mouthwash for rinsing.

  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your dentures every day.

  • Most dentures need to stay moist all the time to maintain their shape. You can soak your dentures overnight using the denture-soaking solution or just water. Follow your dentist’s suggestion on how to store them properly.

  • Schedule a regular dental checkup to keep you on track with your dental health.

  • Contact your dentist as soon as possible if you start to feel that your dentures are loose.
Some patients feel awkward speaking during the first few days of wearing their dentures. Certain words may sound weird or be hard to pronounce. But as your tongue starts to adjust to them, dentures can improve your speech and help you communicate effectively.

Generally, you can sleep with your dentures on, but most dental professionals will advise you to remove them at bedtime. However, on the first day of receiving your dentures, you need to wear them for 24 hours. This will allow your mouth to adjust appropriately to them.

Your dentist will give you a few tips before you go home from your denture-fitting appointment.

With utmost care, dentures may generally last from 5 to 7 years. However, within these years, several factors may affect their fit and appearance. Hence, seeing your dentist regularly is essential to check if your dentures are still in good condition.

Restoration dentistry treatments can be pretty expensive because of different factors, such as the type of material, the dentist’s experience, location, etc. But getting teeth replacement as soon as possible can prevent you from undergoing more invasive dental procedures and even save you a penny.

Many things influence the actual cost of your dentures. In Australia, the upper and lower set of conventional dentures can cost up to $1,350 to $2,000. This average expense may differ from your actual quote. You can contact Comfort Care Dental.

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