Immediate Pain relief for Abscess

If you are having a dental emergency and need care for a dental abscess, Comfort Care Dental is here to help. We provide emergency dental services for patients in pain and who need fast relief.
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Urgent dental care for dental abscess

A dental abscess is a pus-forming infection that occurs due to tooth decay. Left untreated, it can cause pain and swelling in the face, neck, or head.

Dental abscesses are often caused by an untreated cavity or gum disease. If you’re experiencing pain, swelling, or fever, it’s important to see a dentist immediately.

Comfort Care Dental is here to provide you with outstanding care. We will tailor a treatment plan that meets your specific needs to relieve your pain as a result of a dental abscess. We offer comprehensive dental services for patients of all ages, from routine cleanings and fillings to root canal therapy. Comfort Care Dental is committed to providing quality dental care in a comfortable and convenient setting. Our office is equipped with the latest technology and our experienced staff is dedicated to providing you with the best possible care.

Signs that You Have Dental Abscess

A dental abscess consists of pus that occurs around the root of a tooth or in the space between the gum and tooth. An abscessed tooth usually results from an infection. Here are some signs to watch out for to determine if you have an abscessed tooth.
signs that you have dental abscess

Pain when drinking hot and cold beverages and when biting

A dental abscess results from a bacterial infection that has led to the inflammation of a nerve. When the nerve becomes inflamed, it is sensitive to changes in temperature and pressure. As a result, drinking something hot or cold and biting can cause significant pain.


One of the most distinct signs that a dental abscess is present is a swelling along the gums. This is usually accompanied by pain and sensitivity. If the abscess is left untreated, the swelling can grow larger and reach the cheeks or neck.

Spontaneous, throbbing pain

A tooth with a bacterial infection will often exhibit severe pain even without an external trigger. Pain of this nature usually worsens with time. This pain may come and go, or it may be continuous.

A pimple-like bump with a hole in the gums

Some abscessed teeth do not form a swelling. Instead, the abscess drains through a pimple-like bump with a hole in the gums called a fistula. While eating, a dental fistula can grow smaller or bigger, and the drained abscess usually gives off a metallic taste in your mouth.

Why Choose Comfort Care Dental?

A dental abscess can cause both pain and anxiety. Comfort Care Dental offers emergency dental services to help you get the care you need as quickly as possible. Below are some ways we can help.

Modern Technology

At Comfort Care Dental, we use the latest technology to provide dental abscess treatment that is effective and gentle. Our goal is to provide you with the quality dental care you deserve.

Experienced Dental Team

Our experienced dental team provides dental abscess treatment to help relieve pain and protect your oral health. We will work with you to create a treatment plan that meets your needs and helps you get back to feeling your best.

Relaxed Environment

In our dental practice, we provide a stress-free and relaxing environment for our patients. Dental procedures can be anxiety-inducing, so we go out of our way to ensure our patients are comfortable and relaxed.

Flexible Payment Plan

At Comfort Care Dental, we understand that dental emergencies can happen at the most unexpected times. We offer flexible payment plans to ensure that you get the care you need at a price you can afford. In addition, we are a preferred provider for many health funds.

We Accept
All Payments and Healthfunds

Comfort Care Dental is a trusted dental practice in Balcatta. We offer flexible payment options and accept all major health funds.

We understand that dental services can be costly. Hence, we provide financing alternatives to make oral care more accessible for everyone. We partnered with the most popular buy-now-pay-later options like Humm and Afterpay to make quality dental care more affordable to all individuals.

We are also a preferred provider for Medibank, HBF, HCF, CBHS, and NIB.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

A dental abscess is not a life-threatening condition. The abscess can be drained with urgent treatment, and the bacterial infection’s progression can be stopped.

If an abscessed tooth is prolonged and not managed, it can lead to the spread of bacterial infection in other parts of the body. This is a life-threatening situation, especially if it spreads to the brain and bloodstream or if it causes a severe swelling that blocks the airway.

The goal of the treatment is to drain the abscess and remove its cause. A dental abscess is caused by an infection, which can be resolved by root canal treatment. This dental procedure allows the dentist to drain the abscess through the tooth and disinfect the inside of the tooth to prevent the spread of bacterial infection. In some cases, when the swelling caused by the abscess is too large, your dentist may suggest cutting through your skin to drain the abscess, followed by antibiotic therapy and root canal treatment.

In severe cases where the abscessed tooth is too broken to be rebuilt with tooth-coloured restorations or a crown, your dentist may also consider having the tooth extracted and having a prosthesis fabricated afterwards.

A dental abscess results from a bacterial infection that has reached the innermost part of the tooth called the root canal. Root canals contain pulp, which is comprised of nerves and blood vessels. Bacteria that find their way to the pulp tissue elicit a response that causes abscess formation. Bacteria can reach the pulp through tooth decay, gum disease or a cracked tooth.

If you suspect that you have dental abscess but you cannot visit the dentist immediately, taking over-the-counter pain medication can alleviate your pain. It is also advisable to avoid hot and cold beverages, as well as biting with the affected tooth. Brushing and flossing the area around the tooth can also prevent the disease from worsening.

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